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James McCall

Love agriculture, finance, and law Not legal advice. DAO things w/ @lex_dao @farmapper

Anthony Glukhov

Practicing IP, entertainment, and web3 law in Los Angeles. Currently @ Ramo Law PC. Tech enthusiast | musician | gamer | life-long student.

Erich Dylus

Attorney, Ξxperimenter https://twitter.com/erichdylus

Joshua Durham

Law student, @JoshuaLDurham = msg.sender;

Paolo Maria Gangi

A EU lawyer. Tech law, digital technology, privacy, copyright, NFTs, DEFI and web 3.0. NFTs passionate and collector.

Scott Stevenson J.D.

Web3 Legal Engineering. Digital asset resources for legal professionals.


Big questions, tiny answers.


The World's First Web 3 Legal Engineering Guild


Commercial litigator, shadow web3 lawyer.


Property law expert interested in the legal implications of the digital revolution

Elizabeth Rothman

aka Elizabeth Shubov Attorney and Emerging Tech Advisor Twitter:@liztechlex

Patrick O’Connor

Lawyer exploring the intersection of law and technology


web3 sharing my opinions but not legal advice. https://twitter.com/2spencer_



Nick Rishwain

Legal, tech, bizdev & marketing pro. LegalTech advocate. Creator @LegalTechLIVE / VP @Experts_Com. Doing legal engineering stuff at @lex_DAO.

Kate Gibson

2L at UT Law. Assistant Operator at LexDAO.

Jacob Chase-Lubitz

Product strategist who sometimes builds things. Founder of Cooperativ Labs.


Operator, Programmer, Lawyer, Blockchain, Web3 | Kickstarter, NYCOO, LexDAO, TeachersPayTeachers, OpenFin, Threes Brewing

Brady Neal

https://twitter.com/CasualBrady Our awesome AI DAO: https://discord.gg/2Bcpksx47e


Law Professor and Lawyer interested in Smart contracts, Dao governance, NFTs and DeFi

Pranay Modi

equality of opportunity

Shawn Westrick

A lawyer from California. Love all things crypto related.


An anonymous do-gooder here to help improve the world.